We measure our success by your success

We specialize in commercializing technology- based product and service ideas. Our diverse expertise background and focus on goal-directed business growth provide the capability for longer-term cooperation.

1. Development plan and funding opportunities

Do you want to accelerate business growth and promote the commercialization of new products?

An in-depth development and growth plan is the first step towards business growth and gives the company a map of progress options - our team has experience in formulating hundreds of business plans.

2. Project launch and implementation

Does your company have a desire to find new business areas and seize growth opportunities?

Our unique development models provide the ability to seize new business opportunities.

3. Analysis of results - towards contract negotiations with development work

What measures can be taken to build new and long-term customer relationships?

We specialize in building customer relationships. We want to offer our diverse expertise background, methods and extensive network to you throughout the development project.

Why choose Clover Factory as a partner?

  1. Proven ability to initiate and complete development and growth projects
  2. Expertise to quickly identify things that are important for the business
  3. Advanced methods for formulating concise growth and development plans
  4. A competent, committed and reliable team for different stages of growth
  5. Activities are guided by jointly agreed goals - rewarding based on the benefits received and the fulfillment of the goals

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